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Shutdown does restart after keyboard change


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Hi all,


I'm having a weird problem.

I'm running 10.5.4 (see signature) and everything runs fine.

Had a Logitech Ultra X (USB) keyboard attached and there were no problems with restart or shutdown.


Today I bought a new Apple Alu Keyboard. link | link


So I removed the Logitech and attached the Apple keyboard.

The keyboard itsef works great! Eject, play/pause, volume, dashboard etc = no problems

But ever since I installed the new Apple keyboard I can not shutdown my machine.

When I press shutdown from the menu it shuts down, computer powers off for 2 seconds (so it looks like it shutted down) but than restarts itself again.

When I remove the Apple keyboard and plug the Logitech back in the problem is gone.


Can someone help me out?

Of course I want to use my new Apple keyboard! :D

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