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MSI Saturn 945 Barebone System

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Fry's has a sale on the MSI 945 Saturn Barebone System for $89 - $20 rebate = total cost $69. Looking at the specs on this system, it looks like it would be pretty compatible with running OSx86.


Here is a link to the specs:




It uses a Realtek ALC888 for audio and a Realtek 8111B LAN port. Throw in a CPU, memory, optical and hard drive and you can have a Mac clone for cheap. It has integrated graphics but if you want, throw in an inexpensive nVidia card.


I don't have any personal experience with this particular system, but I have installed OSx86 on other systems with the same chipsets with success. For the price, it looks pretty good...

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Hi chiliMac:


I bought and custom-built my MSI mPC 915 about two years ago. I'm *very* happy with my system and recognizes all the hardware natively with Myzar 10.4.6. I was able to update with Mac dot Nub to 10.4.10 few weeks ago, and then 10.4.11 yesterday. MSI makes great PC's and I leave my computer on all the time.


I haven't tried Leopard yet.


MSI mPC 915


Danyel's OSx86 Page


Danyel :P

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