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iATKOS 10.5.4 - operating system visual fx


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Hello all. First what I have:


Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86ghz

2gb DDR2 667mhz

BFG Geforce 6600 OC

ASUS P5L-VM 1394 w/945 chipset


I had everything working well with iATKOS v1.0i 10.5.1, the video was smooth - transitions when I hit F12, when I minimized a window, and when I started the screensaver.


With iATKOS's 10.5.4 release, the video is jumpy. It's like the framerate has come down. The screensaver is also very jumpy.


I installed NVInject for 128mb video cards and Titan and it's still being wonky. Can anyone help me out please?



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