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I think i screwed up my webcam


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Okay, I've installed Leopard on my system about.... 9 times now, or more. I've lost count really.


Using iatkos, the webcam worked perfectly. but right now im using kalyway, and its not working.


During the setup assistant of kalyway 10.5.2, after it has been installed, you get an option to take a picture - it worked there. after wards it wouldn't work at all. The problem is solved usually by installing the 10.5.3 patch, and i did. The photobooth worked as it should, like in my previous installs, until i started pressing some buttons while its loading, and bam its dead. so anyone have the same problem, or know how to fix this one?


if not, i'll wait for the 10.5.4 patch to come out, and hopefully that'll fix it.

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