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another blue screen


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ok, all you guys probaberly tied of us noobs. what can I say, I just dont use mac. But I got do it sometime.

I am not ask for detailed answer, but just help me point to a right direction.


here is what I did. I am trying to install 10.5.3 on my IBM x41.

and ofcouse when I use the kalyway 10.5.2 CD, it boots up then stuck on some black text page. I dont know why and I saw people have same question on this forum, yet nobody answered them. so sad :lol: .


I didnt bother to get to the bottom of this so I took a walk around.


I took out the hard drive form the laptop, put into a usb encoluse. hook up to my desktop. then use cd again. guess what, it installed and boot up fine. however, for some reason, it need the cd to be in the cdrom in order to boot up. otherwise it will say something operating system not find. I guess thats just some stuff I need to twits to get it to pass. but I dont really care about that at this point. allthou an answer would be great^^


now I plug the hard drive back to laptop. boot up, it shows the grey loading screen with the apple logo. then show blue screen. then stuck. OMFG.


whats where I need a little help now. what could be the reason cost this? video card drive?

I was so close to victory...I think^^

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