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Apologize if this is a common thing and I just haven't found it in the search function, but I've been having some issues. startup hangs (sometimes it stays at the blue screen), and when I log in, theres absolutely no graphics acceleration at all. Things chug, not even able to play anything and this includes avi, wmv, et al.


Few days ago I accidentally killed the power to the cpu twice, and starting up since then has never been the same. Prior to the cut power things were working perfectly, but things hang now, and i'll get the slow gray screen of death telling me to reboot if i ever do anything graphically intensive, or it will freeze.


Rocking an

E8400 c2d, non oc'd at 3.0 ghz

ASUS P5K deluxe mobo

BFG 9800gtx 512 mb

4 gb 667 mhz DDR SDRAM (fsb @ 333 mhz)

10.5.4, software fully updated. orginially from a kalyway 10.5.2 and i don't recall the last kernel i put in...


on Vista 64 everything runs perfectly, OSX not so much anymore.


any help/tips/suggestions greatly appreciated. this forum and community is utterly amazing.

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