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FireWire issue with JaS 10.5.4


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I am not able to attach FireWire hard drives to my system.


When I do, the device shows up as an ATA device under the FireWire System Profile, but no drive is mounted.


I am using my SB Audigy EX sound card as my FireWire card. I know the card works, because I used the same card on an AMD system using Leo4All V2.


Could anyone help me get FireWire working correctly?


This is what I have:


Using JaS 10.5.4

StageXNU 9.4.0 kernel


SB Audigy Platnum Ex (The FW port is built into this card).


If no one knows for sure, could someone recommend how I can extract the correct kext from a (possibly working) Leo4All install?

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