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Boot order help - SOLVED!


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Hello. I am successfully running OSX-10.5.2 iATKOS 2.0i on my Inspiron 1720 with dual-boot to Windows XP.


I would like to set the XP entry to be the default boot, but I can't seem to find forum posts or wiki info on how to edit it.


I had an existing XP install, and simply ran the iATKOS install, so I don't think its using grub for the boot loader.


Any help?

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So I found enough information that I realize now that the Darwin Boot loader doesn't allow editing, its just hard-coded to the first partition. So, I've now added in a chain0 loader in the XP boot menu, which gives me an editable, working boot selector.


One problem: The Darwin Boot loader is still loading first. I tried booting to an XP recovery console and doing fixmbr, but Darwin's boot loader is still starting!


How do I make the XP boot loader the initial menu?




Found the solution (originally on http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=3925):


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

Specifies the disc that you have XP installed to

The specified location rdisk0 may of course be different if XP was installed on a different drive, e.g. rdisk1, rdisk2


flag 1

Marks XP as the active partition (assuming it was installed on the first partition of that particular disk)



This will quit fdisk and take you back to the normal single user prompt



Your machine will restart and boot as intended!

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