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Top 10 Mac Apps For KalyWay 10.5.2


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Hello people of InsanelyMac,


Excuse me for my bad english, but i'll try to keep it as good as possible.


To introduce myself I'm Oetkaa for the Netherlands and I was always a big fan of mac and the osx86 project, but just didn't had the money or time to spend on mac or mac osx, untill my pc crashed last week and I needed to format the whole disk... So I chose to install osx86 10.5.2 with comboupdate 10.5.3 (what didn't work as well as 10.5.2., so I reinstalled to 10.5.2) and ever since then I'm exploring the Mac "dimension" :) and I'm starting to like it and it went beyond my expections.


So I just wanted to exchange experience by asking your top 10, my top 10 is:


10. Twitter

09. MSN live messenger for mac

08. SimpleBurns

07. Microsoft Word for mac (MS Office)

06. Macromedia Fireworks

05. Safari

04. Roxio Toast 9 (burn program)

03. Transmission (Torrent)

02. Macromedia Dreamweaver

01. Garageband (iLife)


greets Oetkaa

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I'm still using Tiger (just upgraded to 10.4.11) but here are some of my favorite Mac OS X App's (should work on Tiger or Leopard):


10) Acquisition X

9) Visual Hub

8) Taco HTML Editor

7) Apple Front Row

6) Apple iTunes 7 with Quicktime 7

5) Portable Cyberduck

4) Portable NeoOffice 2

3) Portable Adium X

2) Portable Thunderbird 2

1) Portable Firefox 3


As you can tell, I'm partial to Portable App's (can be copied on Flash Drive or anywhere). I get most of my Portable App's on Portable Apps on FreeSMUG.


Danyel :D

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Hi oetkaa:


I use Acquisition X as my main P2P (Peer-to-Peer) client that supports Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. Yes, it's paid product but I found the utility useful for locating and downloading files.


Cyberduck is an excellent Freeware FTP Client. Most importantly, the client supports SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH) protocol so passwords are encrypted (just like Secure Shell).


VisualHub is great utility for converting Video files into various formats. Specifically, I use this to convert short video clips to FLV (Flash) for my website. My website is currently down due to power outage (I'll restart when I get back).

Danyel's Web Site


SimplyBurns sounds interesting. I was never able to burn DVD's with 10.4.6 so I'll try with 10.4.11 and SimplyBurns.


Danyel :(

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