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iATKOS v2.0i install problem,dosen't load the os after install


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I just installed iATKOS v2.0i on to my system. It says I successfully installed it so I restart the system load the dvd comes to Boot sceen but its the install screen again

it doesn't go to the os or any thing i try to install it with deffrent setting and every thing tryed about 5 times but same result

1) tryed making the installating part active

2) used diffrent patches

3) tryed ntfs unlocated fat32 ( every time hard disk showed no problem with that)

4) tryed diffrent iatkos v1.0r2 and iatkos v2.0i ( same problem)

in my knowlage i can see that os is installing fine but just its not automaticly loading to osx next (rest of the setup) and loading osx.

in this proses i never had problem with vista being loaded ( i am useing the c drive with 2 part to install,osx on the second drive)

please is there any one that can tel me what is going on here

or do i just have to give up on this

help will be realy appreciated.




this is my spec


intel Q6600 2.4

4gb ddr2 800mz

gigabyte gtx 280

gigabyte p35 rv2.0 motherboard

500 gb sata segate ( c drive)

500 gb sata western digital

1tb sata hitachi

asus sata dvd drw

hp w2207h monitor



this screen don't come


by the way this is not my screen i copyed from some one

could any one tel me how to get this screen please

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