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UPDATE: 10.4.10 by Mac dot Nub


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I have *finally* been able to update using Mac dot Nub's 10.4.10 Install DVD-ROM (after being stuck with Myzar's 10.4.6 for years!)


I was able to successfully install 10.4.10 on my MSI mPC 915 Desktop and Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop. On both machines, I was able to get Graphics (Full Core Image and Quartz Extreme), Sound (both needed patching) and Wireless Networking (again -- both needed patching). Built-in Ethernet seemed to work for both machines without modifications.


I was able to download and install programs including: Apple Front Row, iTunes 7.7, Quicktime 7.4.5, Thunderbird Portable 2.0.16, Firefox Portable 3.0.1 and even Flash 9 for Safari and Flash.


Click on updated Wiki's below:


10.4.10 HCL for MSI mPC 915

10.4.10 HCL for Dell Inspiron 1300


Danyel :(

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Hi Oracle:


When I was stuck using 10.4.6 (Myzar's), there were many applications that I could not run including (iLife '08, iTunes 7.4 or higher, Firefox 3, Flash 9, etc).


I've heard that 10.4.9 is very stable and will run most newer programs. What is your experience?


Danyel :lol:

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