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Wierd problem with dual-boot

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Okey, this is a really wierd problem :S I will try to explain what i remember that made this issue. Everything was working just fine on my Dell Inspiron 1520 with iATKOS 10.5.4 installation. But in a try to get parallels working with my existing Windows Vista partition I screwed things up.

I used fdisk to activate the windows partititon, but when I did that, I got a kernel panic! When I restarted the computer it started up Windows and everything was normal there. Because I didn't have access to the iATKOS cd I reactivated the os x partition by using Windows "diskutil", and as I can remember I did the usual procedure (select disk 0, select partition 1, active).

Then I restarted the computer again but was welcomed with a "HFS+ partition error". "Ah, I remember how to solve this", i thought. I was met by the exact same message in the initial install of Mac OS X, and I solved it with some fdisk settings and repairing with the Vista CD.

I did the procedure I did in the initial install when I came home (I was in school when this happened). But it didn't solve anything .. I still had the HFS+ error on the screen. And here comes the wierd stuff:


If I try to use the Disk Utility on the iATKOS cd he claims that the Mac partition is formatted as "Windows_NT"! :(

If I start windows, I can access all the files with MacDrive. And without MacDrive i see it as a windows drive :)

In Linux Ubuntu I can see and access the files too.

I can start the Mac OS X installation by typing rd=disk0s1 in the boot promt of the cd, but without graphics driver (NVinjectGo).


How do I fix this????

A reinstallation/formatting is not an option because I have a lot of files and settings I want to save.

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Hi, I've decided to reinstall leopard, but how can I install iATKOSv4 with an existing vista ntfs partition already on the drive. It fails when installing the darwin bootloader. He sais that disk0 is busy...

My Harddrive looks like this:

80GB disk0 MBR

~40GB disk0s1 HFS+ Journaled Mac partition

~40GB disk0s2 NTFS Windows Vista partition

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