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install problem on i865 chipset

Okky Risano

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Hi there,


i'm already use hackintosh with KALIWAY and LEO4ALL v.3,

yesterday my friend ask me a favor to deploy hackintosh on his desktop,

i'm using leo4all v3 and kaliway,


but something strange happen,

both leo4all v3 and kaliway was automatically reboot after darwin boot loader.

i'm already using option safe mode and verbose -x -v but still not helping, always reboot after extract all device and kernel files.


here is the spesification of the desktop pc:


* Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHZ HT (only support MMX,SSE,SSE2)

* Mainboard ABIT IS7/IS7-G

* Chipset i865-ICH5

* RAM DDR 1gigs

* Hardisk and dvdrom using IDE

* VGA Card Geforce 4MX AGP


i'm using option legacy and mach_kernel too, but it is not helping, always reboot and never enter the GUI installation.

what should i do, so i can make my friend's desktop pc runs with hackintosh.



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Boot into Single User Mode with -s, mount the Partition and delete nVidia Drivers in /System/Library/Extensions/ (Geforce*, NVDA*) and the Injector (Titan, Natit, NVInject owe you got), cause the MX Card isnt working.

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