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[SOLD] Asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard


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This is a very popular board to use for building hackintoshes. I already have two working hacks, and don't need this board for a 3rd!


Here are some links with info on how to set up this board with OSX86:





Here's the Asus product page for this board:



Here's the deactivated newegg.com page for this board:



The board comes in the original sealed retail package. It's never been opened. It's just sat in my office gathering dust for a few months. The box is not dented in any way. I can send pictures to you if you like.


I'm asking $100 for this board. Why the bargain price when it's going on eBay for at least $120? First, I know that if I don't get rid of it, it will hang around forever. Second, since I haven't used the board, I can't tell you whether or not it's working so I'm selling it with a NO RETURN POLICY. If there's a problem with the board, I will help you get it resolved as best I can as the board will still be warranty for a while, but I will not refund your money.


That means you can't return it to me under any circumstances, and you can't get your money back. I can list this board on eBay with Buy It Now (at $105 or so to cover additional fees) if you agree to purchase it, so you can feel more secure. I have over 100 transactions on eBay and a 100% feedback rating. You will need to pay for all shipping costs. Let me know your zip code and I will get you a price quote using insured FedEx Ground or UPS (your choice). Just be aware this is a heavy motherboard box. It's by far heavier than any other mb box I've ever gotten (probably because of the heat pipe construction on the board and all the extras that ship with it). It will ship in a shipping container with bubble wrap and/or styrofoam peanuts.


Package contents (ripped from newegg.com):


User Manual

Driver Disk

Rear I/O Panel Shield

FDD Cable

2 x IDE/PATA Cable

2 x SATA Cable

2 x eSATA Cable

2 x Power Cable

ASUS Q-Connector Kit

Optional Fan

USB Bracket

IEEE 1394 Bracket

Audio Cable

ASUS MP3-In Module

ASUS Remote Receiver

ASUS DH Remote

Wireless Antenna



- I will only ship to lower 48 United States and Alaska and Hawaii, NOT including any other "territories" like Puerto Rico.

- I will accept only PayPal for payment, and will only ship to a confirmed PayPal address.



Thanks for reading.

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