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mouse/keyboard problem with pcWin vmware after upgrading to 10.5.3

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Firstable, I like to thanks ~PCWIN for his great vmware package! it works very well!!


I want to try iphone SDK2, so I need to upgrade to 10.5.3.


I follow the uptade guide and everything went well. After reboot, I cannot use mouse and keyboard anymore. (this virtual machine is hosted in a notebook computer). I want to make sure the machine is till alive, so I mount an iso in vmware and it pops up in the Mac dekstop which means it is alive but just no mouse and keyboard. I also try entering safe mode in Mac but I still have mouse and keyboard problem. I have read through a lot of posts but they don't really have a solution. I just wonder if anyone knows the solutions for this? and I can just restore back some extensions?


another question is about USB, I read someone can make USB works in vmware Mac. I just wonder how to make it work.



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