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RTL 8187 / RT73 not working

Nestor Gonzalez

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I am absolutly new on Mac OS. Yesterday I tried to install a RTL8187/RT73 (Encore wireless USB adapter) in my Mac (not mine actually). I downloaded 3 different drivers (one single zip .file from de Ralink page, installed the 3 of them because I was not sure of the chipset at that moment. Somehow I figured out how to take a look to the hardware devices in the Utilities application, and when the adapter was plugged in after the installation of the drivers, it appeared recognized in one of the USB ports, which made me think it was correctly installed.

When I was installing the drivers, the installer indicated to configure the interface in the network pane after restarting and before using the adapter.

I went to the network pane and i can't find the usb device at all. Well, I have to admit, I have no idea at all of how to configure it. But I remember I got it connected through Ethernet once.

I can tell that I only had the ehternet port, the dial up modem and a 6 to 4 (or something like that) as options.

I got frustrated.

Please help!

Mac OS X 10.3

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