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Kalyway/Leo4ALL Display sleep problems


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I'm installing 10.5.2 on a Intel DG31PR. I initially installed using Kalyway and everything was working great. I use the same keyboard and mouse for a few different comp, so I unplug them and move them around throughout the day. The problem is when the machine goes to sleep without them plugged in. If I plug them back in while its asleep, and try to wake it. It will not. If I leave them plugged in and it goes to sleep, it will wake fine. I used the sleep_fix kernel with Kalyway. Everything else is working fine, but I have not tested regular sleep because I torrent on the comps so I never let them turn off.


I also tried using Leo4All V2 with the speedstep kernel. But that didn't work as well.


Does anyone have any input. I can just disable monitor sleep, but that just seems too lame for this.

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