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file size exceeded ! ??


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hi again...


so i did manage to come to a point where i could connect my laptop to the network and install the image file from my desktop ( as i dont own a usb disc).


everything looks fine.. paths are right...


this time i stumble upon a file size problem. using knoppix, i mount the xp drive using smbfs (i guess) and this stops transfer/installation after 2GB and gives this error...



anybody know any good advice for that ?

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Run "mount" to see how it's mounted. You should see a line like


//xp_machine/share on /mnt/share type smbfs (ro,username=restlessone)

first do


umount /mnt/share

then do


mount -t smbfs -o lfs,ro,username=restlessone //xp_machine/share /mnt/share


mount -t cifs -o ro,username=restlessone //xp_machine/share /mnt/share

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