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Intel 8280 HD Audio


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ok i got my ethernet working and no longer have to type cpus=1 to boot the computer but still no video card drivers and still no sound im useing a alienware m5550 ATI/INTEL CORE 2 DUO laptop and running kalway 10.5.1 if any one can help me out that would be great oh and i have been have a problem with some app's where when i try and open them my screen just go's black(front row) or i get a error about my video card(photo both) is this because my video carded it not installed? oh and also i dont know if it matters or not but the laptop does not have windows installed on it (i have the install CD for vista) so it only has mac installed i dont know if it matters or not but ya so plz try and give me some help!


laptop specs are


intel core 2 duo 1.67GHz


ATI Mobility Radeno X1400 (videocard)


1GB of ram


Intel 8280 HD Audio (soundcard)


Intel 945GM (motherbord)

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