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Kernel install issue


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Hi everyone, I've been researching on how to install OSX86 for about a year. I finally installed it last night without an issue.


On the wiki page I was trying to find out how to properly install kernels..

Kernel Installation Guides, this linked me to a portal which didn't help.. then I found the "The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86, Newbies should read this"

the guide provided doesn't seem to provide instructions on how to install kernels and kexts from the Install DVD.


This what what I'm trying to accomplish, according to the wiki guide I need to install some files to get my wifi to work and video to render correctly.

The DVD version I have is Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3 Universal.

I have a Compaq C714NR / C700

The wiki guide said I need to install these files...










Any help woild be much apreciated and according to the rules of the board I'll report back with the aftermath, thanks a bunch guys.

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