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Install iATKOS 4.0i : Hang when Launched Version 5.0 (v514)


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Trying to install iATKOS V4.0i through VMware Workstation 6.0 in my Sony Vaio NB - VGN-NR385E (Core2 Duo mobile T5550 1.83G).


Was following this installation guide : http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to

upto Step 7.


Now stuck in the OS launch-fail. It says:

Localhost Directoryservice[51]: Launched Version 5.0 (v514).


Need expert suggestion for the next step to fix this problem. Please help. Thanks.

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Hello! I am new in this forum.


I am also trying to install aitkos 4.0i on vmware workstation 6.0.


i followed the instructions in the thread posted in the question above.


the DVD starts very fine. until a nice underwater picture appears on the screen and a mousepointer with a circulating spiral can be moved around.

the vmware dvd symbol at the bottom of the screen continues blinking and shows the dvd rom working.


nothing else can be made just moving the mouese around. no installer screen or options come.


has anybody an idea?


my configuration real: Centrino, 2,9 GHz, 500 MB Ram


vmware: 500 mb ram, no flopy, NAT network.


thanks for some advise...

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