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HP nc6220 video works well but only on mains power


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I have just installed 10.4.5 on my HP nc6220 and it works very well with a few hacks.


I am using an RT2500 based USB wireless card and a little dongle I made to pretend to be an external monitor.


Now, pretty much everything that matters works, ie video, sound (even the little volume buttons work perfectly), network, decent speed. It's stable and I am pretty chuffed with it.


There is, however, one (small) fly in the ointment. As soon as I unplug the laptop from the charger, the video and sound become really choppy. This is only really a problem with media playback, but even the screen animations run really slowly on battery power.


I presume that this is some power saving feature (!) but does anyone know how I could stop it?

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