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help patching the oah750 file?


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here is the section i need help with


Patching the disk

We will use Transmac to patch the aoh file. It does not need to be registered. You can download it here. This is the only patch you should need. The rest are for other hardware and SSE3.


You will need the oah750d patch, which, I am not going to link you to. There are some good, and some bad ones. I recomend the Maxxus file, and ONLY use the oah750d patched file from it.


Open Transmac, from the top menu, select options, then "show hidden files", then in the lower pane (use the dropdown), select open an Image (or similar), and point to your ISO file.


Go through the directories and open /usr/libexec/oah

From the top pane, select the OAH file and drag it into the lower pane. Overwrite the old one.


Note: I recommend downloading Darwin and adding all of the extensions to the extensions folder on the dev disk. While this may be unnecessary, it will give you more drivers. Better to have too many, than not enough.


Adding extensions:

Download Darwin. mirror 1 mirror 2

I would assume you could also add the 8.1 files, if it contains any more kext files, but I did not bother.


Open with Winrar and extract the extensions directory from /System/Library/.


Now back in Transmac, browse to your extensions directory you just extracted, and in the lower pane go to System/Library/Extensions and copy everything to the iso. DO NOT OVERWRITE ANYTHING!


Close Transmac.

----(Pulled From Sheepdogs Native Install Guide)


now i have the Maxxus file but cant seem to figure out how to patch it in Transmac also i need help getting the correct darwin extensions he is asking for...:S if anyone could help that would be great!!!




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