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Some more usb output sound options


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I have found 2 devices you can use to get sound output from 10.5.2 ... the yamaha RP-U200 and also a sony PCLK-MN10.








unfortunately apple has removed the support from the latest updates but there is a way to make the yamaha work.


You need to get hold of appleUSBAudio.kext from version 10.4.9


you can get this by downloading MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.pkg from the apple website..


then using Pacifist to open the package you can use its inbuilt search for appleUSBAudio.kext. Once found you can extract

it to its default location.


You could install it manually using other well documented methods for installing .kext files.


I do not know if the sony PCLK-MN10 requires the same patch or will just work as i already made the modification before i tryed it.


So if you have one of these lying around and are currently stuck for ways to get sound out of your OSx86 these are some





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