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So I took the plunge a few days ago and attempted to create a dual boot XP/OS-X PC. My specs:


AMD 3800+ X2

Abit NF-M2

2GB PC2-5300 Ram

80gb SATA2

250 SATA2

MSI PC60G Wireless Adapter



So I had XP on the 80gig partition.


I used Partition Magic to split that into 40/40. I didn't make any changes in BIOS. I ran the 10.5.2 Kalyway dvd and installed it on the other half.


Most things seemed to work immediately, except for wireless. I figured I just pick up a USB wireless that reportedly works for hackintosh. Picked up the Belkin FD7050. It worked but needed to be replugged in every time. Installed rt2500replug which fixes the problem now.


Sound drivers, I used the ALC883 drivers found on the forum which worked well too, I get output through SPDIF to my receiver and even AC3 for my mkv hd movies.


Graphics card, QE/CI weren't showing up at the start, so took the steps for manual nvidia install and that did the trick.


I can restart, but shutdown and sleep don't work. Not a big deal for me, really.


As for my 250gig hd, i repartitioned that as well into half and half ntfs and hfs extended. That seemed to go smoothly.


Using Zephiroth's ASU, I updated to 10.5.4 and installed the 9.4 modbin kernel and system.kext


Now the biggest problems I have, I'm not sure why they're happening.


1. Sometimes when I boot up, my computer is immediately slower than it should be. Mouse is jumpy, laggy, etc. Looking at my activity monitor, one of my cpu's is in full usage. Usually a reboot fixes it.


EDIT: I have tried both with cpus=1 and off. it's happened in both cases. I am also booting with -legacy


2. Certain programs crash randomly. Biggest culprit is firefox (I'm using an intel optimized build of Minefield). It just crashes sometimes. I find that when I leave it on for a while (hours) i come back and the program had crashed even though I was not there doing any surfing. Another is Transmission that crashes when I'm downloading.


3. Random freezes. I've noticed my system freezes at certain points, no real pattern. I thought that it may be screen saver, because a few times, when the screen saver had come on, I would attempt to use the computer, and it would just freeze.


Other than that, most things work fine.


Any help would be appreciated, what direction should I be looking?

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I'm not running AMD so I'm afraid I can't be much help. I will say though that you're best bet for having a truly reliable system that will be good for updates in the future is to go for an intel board and proc. I spent weeks trying to get an nvidia chipset for an intel proc working and no matter how much I tweaked there was always another problem. Just my 2 cents... best of luck.


With regard to the crashing applications, have you gotten a modified apple smbios kext? Often application crashes are caused by the app in question trying to find your system information and being unable (because obviously its not expecting a non apple system.)

That said, it looks like the apps that are crashing are all internet related. It could be something to do with that kext for the belkin adapter you mentioned. I've had issues where a sketchy custom networking kext causing a system freeze, esp with transmission.

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