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Installing on 680i


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I have the latest Leo4All release, which seems to be the only one that'll actually boot off the DVD that I've found. My problem is that during the boot/driver selecting/installing process, my computer will just randomly hang. It varies when it does it. Any ideas what it could be? Oh, and just to make it clear, I'm trying to install to my 320 IDE drive. I'm just wondering if its a problem with my dvd drive, or whatever else it could be. Thanks in advance!


Specs included in my signature.

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Or even better, if anyone could recommend a good distro for my computer, that'd be awesome. I currently have the latest iATKOS also, which does the whole "Still waiting for root device" thing.


Even though you are wanting to install OS X on a PATA (IDE) HDD you are booting and installing from a SATA DVDRW, so have you:


1. Checked your BIOS settings so that you have


ATA/IDE Mode: Native




2. Tried using a PATA DVDRW as SATA DVDRWs can often have read/write problems with nForce chipsets


As regards distros I would recommend trying Kalyway 10.5.2 too.....


Have you checked out the excellent threads by Mysticus C* for Intel CPUs and nForce chipset MOBOs:






If you follow Mysticus C*'s guides carefully they should get you going OK...his guides and updater packages have got me up to running 10.5.4 on a 650i MOBO with a Q6600..... :(

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