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Sharing files under OS X

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Hi. I'm a long time user of hackintosh (but on an intel platform using mostly vanilla files) and from some time a happy macbook user.

Recently, by accident, I noticed that all my shared files via AFP and SMB are writeable for guests. I have everything set properly in sharing preferences (only my user 'widget' has read and write access, all others have read only access). You can see that in following smbstatus dump:


 wgt:~ widget$ smbstatus

Samba version 3.0.25b-apple
PID	 Username	  Group		 Machine						

Service	  pid	 machine	   Connected at
IPC{:content:}nbsp;		1386   kasia		 Thu Jul 24 15:21:41 2008
apps win32   1386   kasia		 Thu Jul 24 15:21:43 2008

Locked files:
Pid		  Uid		DenyMode   Access	  R/W		Oplock		   SharePath   Name   Time
1386		 4294967294  DENY_NONE  0x20189	 RDONLY	 EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /Volumes/Dane/Apps Win32   driver_raid_promise_20276.exe   Thu Jul 24 15:22:01 2008
1386		 4294967294  DENY_NONE  0x100001	RDONLY	 NONE			 /Volumes/Dane/Apps Win32   .   Thu Jul 24 15:21:44 2008


It is RDONLY, but I can freely delete files from remote computers on my LAN. I even tried connecting via AFP (also as guest) and I could delete files.

I don't know what to do. Anyone has any suggestions?

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