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Counter Strike Server Rentals

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I recently bought two CS Server and currently using only one and was planning to use the other with another mod but now I have nothing to do with it so I am making an offer if any of you want to buy it.


Server Game Mod: Any

Access To Server: Full Access FTP



$15/month -- for 16 Slots + Any mod pre-installed

$19/month -- for 24 Slots + Any mod pre-installed.

$25/month -- for 32 Slots + Any mod pre-installed.

$35/month -- for 40 Slots + Any mod pre-installed.


Contact me if your interested thanks.




Feel Free to come play in my server its a ZombieMod for Counter-Strike Source Server



PS: And if your really wanting to play Counter Strike but can't b/c you have Mac, Problem Solved DL Crossover Game, I play on a mac too.

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