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Need Help Installing Leopard on HP Dv6707us!


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i need help installing Mac os x leopard on my HP Pavillion dv6707us please can someone help me, specially if u have the same laptop, well the problem is i can't see my hard drive in disk utitlities when im in installer, i used iatkos and kalway both didn't detect it. im about to try leo4all n zeph but can someone give me some guidance cuz i dont really know why the drive is not picked up, also if your wondering i have partition my drive that was the easy part i have a partition for vista, and one made for leopard formatted in FAT 32


these are my specs:


Processor 1 (ID = 0)

Number of cores 2 (max 2)

Number of threads 2 (max 2)

Name AMD Turion 64 Mobile TK-57

Codename Tyler

Specification AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-57

Package Socket S1 (638)


Extended CPUID F.68

Brand ID 3

Core Stepping

Technology 65 nm

Core Speed 800.3 MHz (4.0 x 200.1 MHz)

HT Link speed 800.3 MHz

Stock frequency 1900 MHz

Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64





Northbridge NVIDIA nForce 560 rev. A2

Southbridge NVIDIA nForce 560 rev. A2

Memory Type DDR2



anything else please ask, hope someone can help


Thank you. ALL!!

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