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Having trouble booting from disk.

Dirty Mint

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i apologise for this being such a noob thing to ask a question on but its got me stumped.


Basically i have jas osx 10.4.8 amd intel with ppf1 and ppf 2. I have burned it to a dvd-r on two seperate occasions and i boot from the disk and it starts to boot and then i get a kernal panic. ive altered many things in my bios and the error messages change according to what i have but still i get a panic. ive tried a mixture of -v , -f , -F, acpi=off and etc but to no avail but as i said i get different error messaged depending on what i type in.


i tried this a few months ago when i had my old setup and an amp athlon xp 2800 and i wasnt suprised that it didnt work because it wasnt even sse 2.


my setup now is :


asus m2n mx se plus

amd athlonn 64 x2 5400 (2.7 ghz)

2x 1gb sticks off corsair memory

200gb ide hard drive

i need to buy a new graphics card because my old one was a geforce 5500 fx and was agp, my new mobo is now pci-e, so i am using the onboard geforce 6100 for now until i get a new card.


i went on the wiki and looked at the HCL and planned to buy components that people had succeeded on so thats how i ended up with what i have now as i couldnt find any major problems with them at that time.


so i put the disk in and booted up to find that the same kernel panic was happening again on the new stuff. the only components i used from the pervious setup were the cd drive and hard drive. i changed the hard drive over to see if it made a difference and it didnt. So im thinking mabey a problem witht the image its self or the cd drive.


i have tried -v -f cpus=1 and the error message that comes up is half to size of the original if i dont type that in so it is obviously having an effect.


its just a bit frustrating becuase i cant even get to the install stage lol im confident about that stage, i just need to get there.


i would be so greatful for any help as i have been at this for a while now and not succeeding, i would also write a guide as to my experiences and ways i have got it to work on my setup if anyone is able to help me and thinks that would be helpful to anyother noobs.


Many thanks

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