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Ok, Finally got almost everything working...but....


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Ok..FINALLY got EVERYTHING working that I want to get working. That includes Ethernet drivers as well as sound drivers.


However, I can't get the graphics to work right.


I tried using the Graphics Mode argument before booting into OS X, but it still displays at 1024x768.


I've tried using both my onboard graphics which is an ATI Radeon HD3200 IGP, as well as an ATI Radeon 4850.


I know the 4850 won't work yet since there are no drivers for mac for it.


However, are there any drivers for the HD3200? And can anyone explain to me why 'graphics mode' won't work..?


Also, If I were to put in my 8600 GTS, everything would work perfect, correct?


(I don't want to put in my 8600 since I also use Vista to game...)

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