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Installing 10.5 On a dimensions B110

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Sorry i forgot to add this is a B110

Hey guys im new hear but not new to the computer world, and sorta new the the hacking work. I have tried a few things but here is my situation, Thanks.


Upadate i just took the CD with it on it and went for it. Sorta the {censored} it I dont care what happens. So it starts up looking fine.


but then the color gets messed up (black and white but more messed up). I was thinking maybe its the graphics card even thou the first part was fine but it cant be cuz his comp plays games fine..




so i opened it up. he has a dell motherboard ver 400 its weird there is ddr ram and PCI ports but no AGP port. Or ISA port? (i found out thats normal)and he has 1 wireless card and what he says is a graphics card but i dont think it is its too small and has to be like a netoworking card or USB card or something. But it can handel good graphics so where would the card be, and is that even the problem. ( the middle one is the graphics one, he says)





PS: When following the guide we have a diffrent comp so we could not configure like 1/2 the bios right because they simpily were not there.

Thanks guys


i tried this guide..



but frankly my comp is diffrent and so the BIOS are way not the same so that might me another reason why it went bad.


Thanks guys if you need any more info to help me i got it.

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