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GA-P35-DS4 BOOT-132 problems


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Let me start off by saying I am a newb to the osx86 scene and I am trying really hard to learn on my own but I just can't find all of the pieces to solve my problem. Please bare with me.


My System Specs:

GA-P35-DS4 mobo

Intel Q6600

XFX 8600GT XXX 256mb


WDC 500GB 7200rpm

Samsung SH-S203B

Antec Sonata III case


I am currently trying to boot the retail DVD using the ga-p35-ds4 iso and I have run into some trouble. I can use the iso to get the retail Leopard DVD installed but I can't seem to get any further after install.


Video, Ethernet and sound does not work. I see from ELASTICS posting that he also does not have audio working, which is not a problem because he is using usb, so I'm not to worried about audio. But when I install NVinject.kext my system freezes at the grey startup screen. No desktop even in safe mode. NVkush.kext does the same thing. And I have no idea how to get the ethernet working.


Sorry, but I found the install of BOOT-132 a little vague. Does BOOT-132 install the kexts itself or do I need to do that myself after installing the retail DVD? I've tried both but and I still have all the same problems.


I noticed, after unpacking ELASTICS extensions.mkext there was a ton of kexts. Is it necessary to have all of those kexts. There are far fewer kexts in non-related installs as well as the generic iso.




Perhaps my BIOS settings is wrong. Would you mind posting BIOS setting?


My BIOS Settings

HDD smart = Enabled

CPU Hyperthreading = Enabled

Limit cpu id max 3 = disabled

no execute protect = Enabled

cpu halt c1e = disabled

cpu thermal monitor = Enabled

cpu eist = disabled

virtualization tech = Enabled


sata raid/ahci = ahci

sata port 0-3 native = enabled

usb controler = Enabled

usb 2 controller = Enabled

usb kb support = Enabled

usb mouse support = Enabled

legacy usb = Enabled

azalia codec = Enabled

onboard 1394 = Enabled

onboard lan = Enabled

lan boot rom = disabled

onboard sata/ide device = Enabled

onboard sata/ide device mode = ahci


acpi suspend type = S3

soft of by pwr button = instant off

hpet support = enabled

hpet mode = 64 bit

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