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How to install Windows after HDD formation by Kalyway DVD?


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Hi All fellow members, I downloaded the Kalyway DVD and used it to format my HDD. I have erased all data on the HDD and I really need your help to get an OS on there.


My MAC is successfully installed, but I can't bypass the welcome screen (I am working on that with the changing AppleSetupDone tip posted in the forum (but I seem to be stuck at the load up screen after going through changing the root passwd)) Regardless, that is not the biggest concern.


My problem is that, when I put in my Window XP CD to try and boot up using the cd so that I can install a copy of windows while I work on fixing the MAC, but the computer seems to ignore all CDs except the kalyway DVD! Is there a way I can fix that so I can install windows back on there first? I have absolutely nothing backed up, I just need a fresh copy of windows, so anyway to do this would be great, even if I have to format the MAC system again.


It would be greatly appreciated if you guys can help me out.

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