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ALC889a Substitute


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After trying to figure out a solution with my ALC889a on my EP35C-DS3R , I used the newer EnableHDA, the AppleHDA Kexts, and everyone's kexts and mods. The audio worked great, but i just got so sick of the skipping of the audio on high load or multitasking, or using Safari. I decided to grab one of those iMic USB sound cards on Amazon/newegg. but They sell for $30 beans. I decided something has gotta be better, sure enough on amazon they sell an refurbished version of the iMic for $12 + 5 shipping. The USB audio card is just as good as the ALC889a. but since its a usb card, ur only gonna get 2.1 Sound with a Line in/mic Jack. Not to mention 85% of my skipping, and popping issues were resolved. Not bad i think for 17beans total. Not to mention its a backup/ second audio card to Vista which i have installed on another hard drive. Try it, its work the 17bucks to save u 85% of the aggrivation my ALC889a has caused me. Now i only get momentary skips on full processor load, ( prob due to the fact that its a USB device, and they hate 100% processor loads). Consider the solution put forth until the community can solve the issue. I hear the other USB Sound cards also seem to work. But i grabbed the imic cause its naive OSX support. Plug and play no issues.




My Rig

Kalyway 10.5.2 ->Kalyway 10.5.3-> 10.5.4 on


Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R 2.1 F2 BIOS

Intel C2D E6550 OC to 3.0GHz 4MB L2 1600 MHz FSB OC

Crucial 2x1GB 800MHz DDR2 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2V

WD 250GB 16MB, WD 500GB 16MB, Seagate 2x320GB 16MB

HIS Radeon HD X2600pro 256MB PCIE x16

450W Rosewill PSU

iMic USB Audio(OSX)/ALC889a (Disabled)/SB Audigy 2 (Vista)

Linksys WMP300n @ 150MBps modified IO80211.kext (OSX) @270MBps (Vista)

Anyone know how to get full Draft 2.0 (270Mbps) Speed let me know

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