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changing disk identifier


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my leopard hd keeps changing identifier

between disk0s2 / disk1s2 / disk2s2


I dual boot Vista 64 (diskXs1) and Leopard (diskXs2) on the first HD


4 SATA HDs and 1 SATA DVD burner

AHCI enabled in the BIOS


my mobo is an ASUS P5K-Deluxe wifi/ap and uses ICH9R


I can't edit the com.apple.Boot.plist to and add the <string>rd=disk0s2</string> because the disk changes identifier.

Also it makes using vmware fusion a pain.


any ideas?

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when looking for more information about this problem, I went to the disk utility


I found that my sata drives 1 & 2 show


Device Tree :

/PCI0@0/SATA@1F,2/CHN0@0/PMP@0/@0:0 (myVista/Leopard HD which should be disk0)



while 3 & 4 show





what's the difference between CHN and PRT ?

could that be the cause?

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