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Shut Down & Restart (Change Timeout)


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Hello, I have a issue with my Gateway MT6821 notebook. I have Kalway 10.5.3 loaded and all the devices are fully working, or it seems they are so far! :) The only thing that seems to have stopped since the last time I had OSx86 on this machine (JAS 10.4) is that the power button no longer works at all within the OS. It will not function to put OSx to sleep, nor will it allow me to bring up the shut down menu. To get around this, I just setup some keyboard shortcuts to Restart, Shut Down, & Sleep.


What I am trying to find out now is, is there a way I can remove the 60 second delay for Restarting and Shutting down? Right now I hit my shortcut keys and then I have to go click on Restart in the window that pops up. What I would like is to change the timer to about 5 seconds. That way if I change my mind, I can quickly cancel it, and if not, it will restart automatically more quickly. I would also like the timer changed for shut down as well. I have searched all morning and cannot seem to find anything relating to this. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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