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10.5.2 on gigabyte p35ds3r2 - almost succesful


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hey everyone,


some feedback from what i've tried so far:


osx = kalyway 10.5.2 + combo update + usb fix


mb = gigabyte p35ds3 rev2

cpu = intel core2duo 3ghz

video = ati hd2400xt

hd = seagate sata2 250gbs

ram = corsair ddr2 x 2gbs

audio = m-audio mobile pre

lan = realtek pci (which i cant remember the model).


so, everything fully-functional when you do the update (without replacing kernel - i used the 9.2 sleep, replacing made it unstable so i kept the same .2 kernel). this usb fix was essential, cause without it the os wasnt reading pendrives and my mobilepre was having some crashes.


BUT - the part is that i cant get high resolution with the hd2400xt drivers: its stucked at 1024x768.


i've seen some people reporting over digital/analog problems on that card but here it didnt happen - both digital and analogs video outs behaved the same way.


besides the resolution and the onboard lan which i didnt test (used a well-known to work realtek), all fully functional.


so, anyone with some thoughts for that hd2400xt? any success?




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