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Onboard sound doesn't work, nor does ext SB Live USB! Help!


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Ok I'm starting to get really frustraited with this system, so much so I'm thinking of going down the official Mac route despite what I've spend already on this one. I can't for the life of me get my motherboard's (Jetway) sound to work, even going through all the drivers.


No problem, I already have a USB Sound card (Edirol UA-1A) so I plugged that in. Nothing, nada! Going into the devices I can see that osX sees it as a USB device, but nothing registers in the Sound preferences.


So after consulting the osX86 wiki, I found out that the SB Live! USB was compatible. Out to the shops I go to buy one, plug it in and still no reponse. Same thing as the Edirol. So that's 3 sound cards, none of which work. Is it my system or am I doing something completely wrong?


I can't get the system to boot up in normal mode either. Loads up just fine in Safe mode but will not go into normal mode, just sits with a blue screen.


Please PLEASE help! I'm absolutly at my wits end after trawling the internet for hours trying to find answers and reinstalling osX about 20 times. Can anyone help me with my system??


EDIT: Heres a link to a page Edirol's page:


Apparently it runs on universal drivers that come with osX. Wonder why its not in the JAS pack? or have I got to set something somewhere?

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