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Boot to Windows XP kills ethernet in OSX but comes back on card re-seat


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Let's say I've been running OSX for a couple days with ethernet working fine, and need to boot into Windows to use Womble MPEG Video Wizard (it doesn't need to recompress mpeg-2 after cut and paste edits!).


When booting back into Windows XP after using OS X 10.5.2, ethernet (Realtek 8139) performs normally in XP, but when booting back into OS X (using Acronis bootloader with two separate drives) the ethernet is seen by the network control panel, but is not able to get an IP address assigned in DHCP. Setting IP manually doesn't work either.


However, ethernet starts working again in OSX if I do the following:

-shut down OSX

-open the case and pull the ethernet card out

-reboot into OSX with the card removed

-shut down OSX again

-insert the ethernet card again

-boot again into OSX - then ethernet gets an IP address thru DHCP and works fine.


Bit of a pain in the ass if one wants to boot freely back and forth between OS's, though.


This is with a sucessful install from leo4all DVD onto the following:


-Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual-Core - 2.2GHz

-Motherboard: Asus M2NBP-VM (nvidia GeForce 6150 Integrated Video didn't work)

-Installed Nvidia GeForce 7600GS 256mb PCI-e video card

-Onboard LAN (Nforce) didn't work, put a Dynex LAN card (Realtek 8139 chipset) in an open PCI slot - worked only when put in the slot AFTER OS X was first successfully run post-install, and the notification that there was new hardware didn't show up until I opened the Network control panel.

-1gb RAM

-320 gb SATA Hard Drive (windows)

-160 gb IDE drive for OS X

-LG GH22NP20 Dual-Layer DVD-RW

-Primo P4 ATX Mid Tower Case with 500w Power Supply


Here's hoping for ideas!

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I was the same problem with my old biostar 945gz rtl8139 and windows xp.

If I was reboot from the XP, the ethernet simply stop working in all other operative systems (linux and mac allways fail, but vista in some cases)

This problem may occur only in XP, but not in vista mac or linux.

I was fix simply in XP you must ever shutdown.


Excuses for my bad english :D


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