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iPhone OS 2.0.1 in the wind

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From AppleInsider:








Apple is already testing the first maintenance and security updates for version 2.0 of its iPhone Software that aim to improve performance and fix a number of outstanding bugs.


The updates, which revealed themselves as iPhone Software 2.0.1 in the Apache server logs at BGR, are currently making the rounds in the form of two distinct builds: build 5B101 for first-generation iPhones and build 5B103 for the new 3G iPhones.


Although Apple began testing the updates prior to the official release of iPhone Software v2.0 on Friday, neither have made their way into the hands of iPhone developers.


Instead, Apache server logs reveal, and AppleInsider can confirm, that requests from phones running the new builds are coming primary from the San Francisco Bay Area (near Apple's Cupertino headquarters) and Atlanta (AT&T's home base).


Since testing has remained internal, it's unclear exactly what areas of the software the updates will target. Some users, however, report that iPhone Software 2.0 effectively crippled the camera applications on both their original iPhone and new iPhone 3G.


After updating, these users report that it takes a full six seconds between the time the camera application launches and when the digital shutter opens to allow a photo to be taken. This has made the iPhone's camera somewhat useless, those users explain, especially for the spontaneous photos for which it has become most popular.


Separately, a number of other users are reporting a variety of problems with the accelerometer on their new iPhone 3Gs. These include jerky responses, unintentional landscape shifts, or no response at all after the handset sleeps.


One user on the Apple Discussion Forums explains that the misbehavior of his accelerometer is also having an adverse affect on his photos.




"[T]he camera app thinks I'm holding the phone upside down, so the photos are stored upside down!," he wrote. "A reset always fixes the problem. If I set "Auto-Lock" to never and don't press the sleep/wake button then the accelerometer works perfectly. Of course this isn't exactly practical."

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iPhone 2.1 Firmware Currently In Beta, More GPS Features On The Way




Gear Live has word that Apple is beta testing iPhone's 2.1 firmware and will add more GPS functionality to the phone. Specifically, the core location functions will be able to track what direction you're moving, and how fast (for turn-by-turn navigation, maybe?). Also worth noting is that iPhone SDK 2.1 is also seeding to beta testers, but cannot be used with the app store. [Gear Live]

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Me too, my iPhone is shockingly slow after the update. Jerky scrolling, long load times and password fields show the last typed character in the clear. Shoddy.


Rumors says Apple underclocked iPhone CPU because of battery issues with 3G phones, which is pretty sad for us, owners of the original iPhone. Now, regarding password fields, it is said last typed char is now visible to avoid password mistyping many people were complaining about. I would love to have an option to enable/disable this behaviour, as I don't need it but my dad does.

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