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HELP! Installed Mac on Pc, but wont load

abu magbanua

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I did the steps here in the forum and other websites.

I did a partition, then i used the mac os x dvd to install it.


used the disk utility to format and select the partition i had - so that i can install the os x on the hdisk that uses windows.

after installation, it rebooted but didnt load.


what i tried to do was hit F12, to choose how to load and chose the dvd. i still had the osx installer on d dvd so that's how i loaded the mac.


but how come i have to use a dvd? it seems like only a part of it is installed on my hard disk.


how can i load it from the hard disk??

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Lets see if we can find the problem.


First, the reason that you have to put the install disc on a dvd is because of all the kexts that are used for different systems and the kernel, images, etc.


First. What disc do you have?


What kexts did you use on install


what are your PC specs

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