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Thinkin about an Apple TV.. can this setup be done?

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So I am considering getting an Apple TV. I considered building a MythTV box, but was unconvinced I would be able to get the hardware to work as it should. So here is what im hoping to be able to do with an Apple TV.


1) Can 2 computers share the Library: I have a desktop and a laptop that I would like to keep synced. Can this be done

2) Play Divix and Xvid movies: I know that this can be done with a little hacking. But most of the How-tos that I have read are geared toward doing it with a MAC, which leads me to my next question.

3) Do I need a Mac? I currently only have Windows machines

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1) you can sync one library and stream another one to your ATV, not syncing 2 libraries

2) / 3) you need a Mac computer to create / activate the Patchstick.


PM me for more info.

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