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  1. Check http://patchstick.wikispaces.com/Downloads for PatchStickbuilder (windows) and Patchstick 3.0 (Mac). Both sticks can be downloaded for free and tested as long as you want.
  2. Update Failed Error!

    do a factory restore and start from scratch.
  3. Check this http://patchstick4windows.blogspot.com/ http://www.patchstick.ca
  4. aTV Flash

    Check http://appletvandmore.blogspot.com and http://patchstick4windows.blogspot.com/ for alternative products.
  5. Apple TV as a router

    no, you can't do it. Sorry.
  6. Apple Tv and Windows Home server

    1) and 2 ) can be achieved by patching your ATV. You need a Mac to generate/ activate the Patchstick.
  7. Thinkin about an Apple TV.. can this setup be done?

    1) you can sync one library and stream another one to your ATV, not syncing 2 libraries 2) / 3) you need a Mac computer to create / activate the Patchstick. PM me for more info.
  8. Restoring Files from Apple TV

    There are 2 ways 1) Either disassemble your aTV , take the hd out and copy the files using an interface card (complicated and voids your guarantee) or 2) Patch your aTV, so you can remotely log into the box. Much easier and works perfectly. PM me for more info.