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iAtkos vs. retail OSX


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hi, I am quite new here, and have some questions. :)

1. I want to know, which OSX installation is better, the hacked one (iAtkos) or the retail one?

For the retail one, there are many things needed to do in order for the installation to be successful, right? And I think the advantage is the retail one can do update?

I installed from iAtkos 2.0i BS release, pretty straight forward besides the not very hard driver installation(LAN, sound, ICH9R SATA).


2. Also, now that I installed the OSX, but somehow I cannot just let the hard drive to boot itself. Only by letting the OSX CD with the Darwin bootloader to boot, let the 10 seconds pass, then it will load the OSX hard drive.

Any idea how to let the hard drive to boot itself?


3. now that I can play with OSX, what kind of (fun) stuffs I can do in OSX that I cannot do in windows?

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