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A Few Ethernet Problems...


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I am having some terrible luck with networking devices in leopard. So far I have bought 2 NICs in an attempt to get solid networking support in leopard, and I am having issues with both.


First, I bought a card based on the realtek 8139 chipset, which I thought worked well, but found out that some brands of the card (including mine apparently) had an issue where if too much trafic was going through it, it would just lock up and stop working.


After a fair bit of research, I found that a specific card with the realtek 8169 chipset had worked flawlessly for many other people in leopard. I bought the Encore ENLGA-1320. Sadly, I am still having the same problem that I had on the 8139 chipset card, which is that sometimes when a large amount of trafic is moving through the card (1+mb/s) it will sometimes die.


I am beginning to think that perhaps it is not the NICs or their drivers, but something else in the OS?


The other problem I have is that when my computer goes into a sleep mode, the NIC stops working.


Any help on either issue would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

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