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Vista + Two OS X Partitions = ?

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I had posted this earlier as a cloning question, but I now realize that it's a different kind of question. Here's the scenario:


First Hard Drive

disk0s1=Vista, active, ntfs, primary

disk0s2=no partition, or ntfs partition, primary

disk0s3=OS X Leopard 10.5.2, primary, af


This works. I user the Vista Bootloader with Easy BCD. Now, I want to have the 2nd partition as an OS X test partition.


From within OS X

-Disk Utility...Erase Partition 2 as Mac Journaled.


-Get Missing OS message

-Reactivate the Vista partition

-Reboot, now have Vista Bootloader


-Double check s2 and s3 partition IDs as AF

-Delete s2 partition, everything is back to normal




Can I do this?


I did not need to use the chain0 method before, do I need it now?


How does the Vista Bootloader know there are two OS X partitions and which are bootable?


Or is Darwin confused as to which OS X partition is the boot partition? And is there away to unconfuse it?


Or should I approach this differently (although I'd rather not lose the functioning OS's I currently have)?


Again, I'm looking to use the second partition as a test OS X partitions for testing updates and new osx86 releases without killing my primary Leopard install.



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