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Need some things fixed ( please help on any item if you can :$ )


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my HP Pavilion 9790 osX 10.5.2 Leopard by Kalyway is almost fully set...

there are just a few things that need to be fixed:


:) 1)) -if i choose "shut down" it doesn't entirely shut down... my fan keeps spinning and my LED's are still on


:P 2)) -if the laptops comes in standby / sleep / ... he 's not asleep but in a coma... because I have to reboot it the hard way then...


:dance_24: 3)) -if a USB memory stick or a USB mouse or my USB-network card isn't pluged in before booting the laptop it just doesn't work if I plug it in later...


:dance_24: 4)) -I just CAN'T mute my audio output... I can silence it... but the bar of my system audio volume can't be draged down entirely ( and the mute button is disabled in system preferences) ... ( realtek ALC888 : i used the ALC268_installer2.app : it works ... but unmutable)


:dance_24: 5)) -the iwidarwin drivers of my internal intel pro 4965 A/G/N don't seem to work ... :( any alternatives ?


:dance_24: 6)) -I can't set up a secondary display ... or an external display ... ( laptop screen turns black and I have to reboot ) ( nvidia geforce go 8600 gs)


:dance_24: 7)) -I'd like to repartition my hard disk but how do I do this without having to totaly erase it ? I tried VolumeWorks , I tried DiskUtility, I tried drive genius, ... they all tell me my hard drives (drive genius tells me about a bug that should be fixed in 10.5.3 )


:dance_24: 8)) -due to the bug report of my previous problem : how could I upgrade to 10.5.3 OR to 10.5.4 without any troubles overwriting the cracked section of osx86 ... ( last time I just did the apple software update and my whole system stopped during the update and couldn't boot anymore ^^)



I know this is a whole lot of issues ... please help on ANY issue if you can :$ the sooner I get all of this started the sooner I can become a part of the helping hand of this forum myself ^^

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Ok let's start with #8. There are two good ways to upgrade to 10.5.3, and NEITHER of them involves Apple's Software Update. In fact, any time you use that for anything (especially system-related) you're really just asking for trouble.

Kalyway has a 10.5.3 update that has a lot of options for video card support, sound boards, etc. Be sure to read the instructions at one of the startup screens CAREFULLY and follow every step exactly. Another option is the JaS update, which was easier for me to get working at first, but I had several small USB and Sharing issues that I've since fixed with Kalyway. If you can get one of those updates to work, it might solve quite a few of your other problems.

In either case, be sure that you've booted into the system that you're trying to upgrade, not from an external drive. However, I HIGHLY recommend using an external USB drive for your install. Have a working copy of your best install on your computer, then have at least two partitions on the external drive (one for a backup of your working system - I use Hatchery_H1, it works great, and one partition to try out new installs or upgrades.

I also HIGHLY recommend grabbing a copy of osx86 Tools Utility by pcwiz for fixing all kinds of permission and boot problems, installing kexts, backing up or installing kernels, etc, etc.

PS - The intel wireless cards are being worked on. They've managed to get them working on Unix, so it should just be a matter of weeks or months until an os x86 version is available. until then, use a usb wireless dongle. You can search the forums here for suggestions about the best ones to try. I use a Gigafast or a Trendnet - they both were cheap and work great.

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