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iAtkos only boots from DVD ... ?!


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Hey guys,


I installed iAtkos perfectly on my Dell Dimension 5150. Network and sound are ok, but the system only startups if I boot from the DVD (grey Apple screen).

If I boot normally, this appears:









My Computer:

Intel Pentium 4 HT

1 Gb DDr2

80 Gb Sata

Sigmatel STAC 9220

Intel PRO 100 VE




Any solutions?

Cheers =]

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Well the good news is you can get it to boot. After that, go to this forum:


and download OSx86 Tools. Open it, and click on the Install EFI/Run fdisk button.

Then follow the directions to choose one of the 4 bootloader options, then select the proper disk and partition of your Leopard install. You also might want to Repair Permissions thru Tools while you're at it - it works much better than the Repair Permissions in Apple's disk utilities.

When you reboot, you should be able to boot normally - without the iAtkos disk.

Feel free to PM me if you have any quesitons.

Best of luck.

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