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hi.i have a problem with my installation.it says 'you need to restart your computer for several reasons' or something like this.a grey popup comes to screen and everything freeze.no way to rescue it without shutting it down and power again.it works well for 2-3 hours after restart and again fail.how to solve it,any ideas?



kalyway 10.5.4(10.5.2 uptated to-->10.5.3updated to-->10.5.4)

kernel also updated to 9.3.0 with combo update(but not vanilla,chose other one)

GA-P35C DS3R mobo

4gb 1000mhz ocz dual kit ram

Q6600 cpu

2 Sata hdd

1 sata dvd super drive

cheap bluetooth dongle

dlink dwa110 usb wireless adapter(not working properly)

apple keyboard-microsoft bluetooth mouse(working perfect)

geforce 7300 graphic card

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had you tried 9.4 kernel? Does this happened before updates?


i didnt use this computer with 10.5.2 and 10.5.3,it was just waiting as a backup computer.this morning i needed to use it and this error happened.but its been 2 hours and didnt happen again after i unplugged the dwa110 usb wireless adapter.im using ethernet with cable and its fine since now.ill report again if anything changes.

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